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Advantages of ceramic heating sheets

Advantages of ceramic heating sheets: 1. Simple structure;   2. Rapid temperature rise and fast temperature compensation;   3. High power density;   4, the heating temperature is high, up to 500 ° C or more;   5, high thermal efficiency, uniform heating, energy saving;   6, no open fire, safe to use;   7, long life, power loss reduction;   8. The heating element is insulated from the air, and the components are resistant to acid and alkali and other corrosive substances;   Fourth, the main raw materials:   1. Substrate: white multi-layer alumina ceramic with а-Al2O3 content of not less than 95%   2. Lead wire: Nickel wire with Ф0.48mm is used.   3, casing, adhesive tape: Teflon, high temperature adhesive tape   4, resistance: high temperature materials such as tungsten   Five, the main performance:   1, electrical performance   Insulation resistance: R≥5×108Ω [500VDC]   Rated applied voltage: 220VAC/110VAC   Resistance: R + 10% (23 + 1 ° C) or according to user contract requirements.   2, aging test: apply 110% of the rated voltage, a diode in series, on and off for 3 minutes for a cycle, a total of 2 cycles without abnormalities.   3, voltage boost test: add 130VAC, 250VAC voltage, a diode in series, the heating sheet is energized for 10 seconds under each voltage, no abnormality. [Applicable to 230VAC heating sheet]   4, thermal test: under normal voltage, the heating substrate is evenly heated, no abnormalities.   5, physical properties   Body density ≥ 3.6g/cm3   Bending strength ≥ 260MPa   6. Lead tension: the axial direction is not less than 5Kgf, and the angle between the axis and the axis is not less than 3Kgf.   7, temperature performance:   Operating temperature 100 ~ 230 ° C: The highest temperature can reach 500 ~ 700 ° C.   8, heating efficiency: up to 30 seconds to reach the working temperature.   9. Reliability: 30 minutes after installation, 30 minutes for a cycle, no abnormality after 1000 cycles.   Exterior:   The appearance is free from mechanical damage burrs, cracks, rust, and pollution, and the warpage is not more than 0.005 mm/mm.





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